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Sanctuary for People

In addition to our animal rehabilitation service, we offer a full schedule of nature and mindfulness retreats designed to enhance creative transformation. It’s our philosophy that through joyous participation in the wonders of life witnessed within and around us, we’re able to serve our planet, realize our shared humanity, and fulfill our planetary responsibilities. 

We’re grateful to the many kind teachers, past and present, who have guided us in our offerings and in our journey towards compassion for all living beings. These classes are available to anyone seeking balance, and we invite you to join us at one of our many classes.

We also offer Youth Programs that share the joys of nature, yoga and mindfulness education with children and teens through summer camps, schools and scouts. These children have gone on to become some of our finest Earth Ambassadors!

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Commitment to Compassion

In response to the historic visit of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to Louisiana, thousands of area residents, from all walks of life, signed a Commitment To Compassion. It was presented to the Dalai Lama as a gift upon his arrival. He read each line of the Commitment To Compassion, and expressed his sincere appreciation. Then, being a great teacher of peace and compassion, he reminded us that we must remember our commitment after he left Louisiana.

At Clearwater we have taken that teaching to heart, and every month people from all faiths and traditions gather to renew and refresh our commitment to compassion. Download the Commitment to Compassion. If you choose to make a commitment to compassion, you can print a copy of this signature page, sign it, then mail to Clearwater at the address at the bottom of the webpage. Your signature and commitment, along with others who have signed, will be hand delivered to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama when our local delegation next visits with the Dalai Lama. Your signed Commitment will be added to the thousands already presented as a gift to the Dalai Lama from the people of Louisiana and beyond.