Earth, Animals, and People

Giving Refuge to All Life

One planet. One hundred acres. Unlimited reasons to care.

Clearwater saves lives
...And you can too!

Become a part of our lifesaving team and help us save the wild ones! Your support in this year’s GiveNOLA event helps us provide help and sanctuary to all of Louisiana’s wildlife. Donations are open now and will end May 7th, so don’t wait! 

Our Mission

Helping Heal Our Planet Together

Clearwater Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in service to our planet and the diversity of life it supports. Thriving in the midst of a green canopied forest, nourished by a spring fed river, we believe every living being on our planet deserves compassion, respect, and a chance to live to the fullest.

We rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife and return them to nature in our secluded sanctuary. Our mind and body wellness skills help you support well-being and compassion for yourself, and for all life on our planet.

"Whatever we do to the web of life we do to ourselves. All things connect."
- Chief Seattle

How We Help

Sanctuary For Animals

Since 1989, Clearwater Sanctuary has cared for over 45,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals.

We’ve trained over 300 wildlife advocates who have seeded the globe as veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, and environmental scientists. 

During natural disasters our team is called upon by U.S. and state agencies to help rescue impacted wildlife, and educate volunteers towards the road to recovery.

Health & Harmony

Sanctuary For People

People also find refuge with us by exploring creative practices of living in health & harmony with themselves, each other, and our planet. 

It’s our philosophy that through joyous participation in life’s wonders, we are better able to serve our planet, realize our shared humanity, and fulfill our planetary responsibilities. In a peaceful, supportive environment, we offer classes and groups at our community center in Abita Springs and our retreat sanctuary north of Covington, LA.

Our scheduled classes and retreats include:

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony." - Thomas Merton


How Can I Help?

Our organization functions primarily on volunteer work and donations. 

If you want to get involved as a volunteer, we offer training in a variety of fields and are always looking for helping hands.

Reach out to us for more information on volunteer opportunities, and get started giving back today. 

I found an animal! What should I do?

When you come across an injured or orphaned animal, it’s important to take precaution to ensure the animal’s safety and survival. Because each situation is unique, we ask that you please call us for guidance. 

Contact Clearwater Sanctuary and we’ll walk you through what’s best for the animal’s health and safety, as well as your own.