Winter 2022 Schedule of Offerings, Classes, Groups

Scheduled Retreats

Contemplative Prayer Retreat
Friday, February 4th, 11am-4pm
Relax in Silence with Fellowship, Prayer, Lectio Divina and Sacred Movement

Dharma Meditation Retreat with Samten Choling
Saturday, February 12th, 10am-4pm
Seven Limb Prayer Practice with Dr. Ngawang Legshe

Gurdjieff WorkdaySaturday
March 12th, 10am -5pm
Meditation, Working with Presence, Attention Exercises
January 2022
Schedule of Weekly Offerings
Resuming January 3rd
A place of refuge for all life
To participate, call 985 630 1009 or email info@clearwatersanctuary.org
All indoor, in person groups, will meet by zoom for the first two weeks in January due to Covid surge.


6:30-7:45pm: Samten Choling Dharma Group… New Time 
Beginning January 17th- until the 17th, 5:00- 6:15pm
The Clearwater Dharma Group is invited to attend meditation and dharma study of Lam Rim taught by Ngawang Legshe, PhD., Founder of Samten Choling Dharma Center and former Tibetan Buddhist monk.

5:00-6:00pm: Finding the Meditation that Works for YouMeditation isn’t one size fits all. Explore what works best for you. Meditation Instruction and Practice to guide beginners and refine experienced meditators. Discusion of ancient traditions through modern brain researchZoom

1:30-2:00pm: Gentle Yoga for Elders
Gentle mid week practice for elders to maintain and enhance ease of movement. Taught by Nancy Torcson, ERYT500, a yoga student since 1969, and teacher of various yogic traditions since 1985.

2:00-3:00pm: Lectio Divina & Contemplative Prayer
The original Christ Episcopal Church Centering Prayer group, begun in 1999, meeting continuously, though moved to Clearwater Sanctuary in 2009. Format developed by Bishop John Bauerschmidt, Mother Pamela Porter Snare and Nancy Torcson, based on Father Thomas Keating and John Main approaches.


5:00-6:00pm: Gurdjieff Coffee (In)House

Relax with your evening beverage at home, for a meditation and informal discussion about the Gurdjieff tradition. Group is led by Nancy Torcson, Founder of Gurdjieff Foundation of LA. and first group leader in Louisiana at the request of the Gurdjieff Foundation of New York, and Jean Ann Tonka, cofounder of the Gurdjieff Foundation group of Atlanta, Georgia.Zoom

1:00-2:00pm: Yoga for Energy Balance
A class designed to balance and enhance energy by moving students through the forms and functions of bodily movement which effect our inner state. Taught by Nancy Torcson, ERYT500.Classes
In Person, Vaccinated

2:00-3:15pm: Commitment To Compassion Dharma Group
Meditation, study and discussion of the text Guide to Bodhisattvas Way of Life.Group Point Person is Nancy Torcson. Visiting teacher and guide is Ngawang Legshe, PhD., professor of social work at Tulane University and former Tibetan Buddhist monk of Sera Jey Monastery, Bylakuppe, India.Group
In Person, Vaccinated

3:15-4:00pm: Gurdjieff Group Practice
Meditation and movement for awareness and transformation of energy. Can be attended in addition to, or independent of Friday Gurdjief Coffee HouseGuided by Nancy Torcson, Jean Ann Tonka and Suzanne Harper.Group.
In Person, Vaccinated

8:30-10:00am: Zilkar Rinpoche with Samten Choling
Teaching from Taiwan, on the 3rd Saturday of each month, Commitment to Compassion. Curently teaching from the Bodhicharyavatara, Shanidevea’s Guide to Bodhisattva’s Way of Life. Zoom

2:30-3:30pm: Zen Meditation… NEW
Zen practice with focus on sussokan, learned from the One Drop Lineage in Rinzai Zen, in sitting and the midst of activity.Guided by Michael McGiverGroup In Person, Vaccinated
Noon -3pm: Community Service Days… New2nd Sundays of the month to care for our center with gardening, cleaning and cooking.

Group in Person, Vaccinated Indoors or Covid test within 24 hours outdoors
Once a Month Special Events
3rd Saturday of Each Month 8:30-10:00amCommitment to CompassionTeaching from Taiwan, Zilkar Rinpoche is an acknowledged emanation of White Manjushri. This teaching opportunity is arranged by Samten Choling Dharma Center on Zoom
2nd Sunday of Each Month
Noon- 3pm:Community Service Day at Clearwater Lake
Community Service Day is an opportunity for group fellowship and mindfulness practice, while caring for our community center. Our current focus will be the community food garden, healthy cooking, and grounds and path clearing and beautification.Group in Person, Vaccinated or Negative Covid Test within 24 hours. Primarily outdoors
For more Information or to sign up for any group, let us know you’re interested by sending a message toinfo@clearwatersanctuary.org or call 985 630-1009
We will call you back to give you any information you need.
All offerings given freely. Dana donations are appreciated.