Ducklings on the farm

Does the Baby You Found Really Need Rescue?

We’ve heard a lot of tall tales and heartwarming stories over 33 years of rehabilitating wildlife at Clearwater! Some of the sweetest moments are when a mother and her young are successfully reunited. When people call about a seemingly orphaned baby we listen to assess if the animal truly needs rescue. In summer many infant animals are left alone while the mother is foraging for food. Before you remove an animal from the wild, observe from a distance to determine if a mother returns. She may be watching from afar waiting for you to leave. We want to keep the natural family together if at all possible. Call us for information and suggestions for keeping the family intact. If it is determined that the animal is truly sick, injured or orphaned, Clearwater rehabilitators are dedicated to caring for animals until they can be successfully returned to the wild. You can reach our friendly and knowledgeable rehab specialists by calling 985 630-1009 for wildlife concerns and admissions.

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