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"I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it."

- Abraham Lincoln

Clearwater is a 501(C)3 tax-deductible, non-profit charity. Now, and for 20 out of 25 years, we have been able to operate on an all volunteer basis. This allows your donations to go directly into the animal and educational services, rather than salaries. It is a remarkable testimony to the dedication and devotion of hundreds of volunteer teachers and staff that have made this possible.

Donate to Clearwater Sanctuary Donate to Clearwater Sanctuary Donate to Clearwater Sanctuary

We are always grateful for donations large and small. It is our hope that by 2015, we will be able to raise enough capital funds to acquire additional acreage so that we may expand our animal admissions, protected wildlife release acreage, and educational outreach programs.

You can choose to donate for either animal care or education, or both.

Animal Care:

Help 1 Baby in Need
$50 Help a Nest of Birds to Fly
$100 Help Bottle Feed a Litter
$250 Help a Forest Stay Green
$500 Help a River Run Clean

Education Scholarships:

1 month scholarship
$200 1 semester scholarship
$500 1 year scholarship

We have offered you a guideline for donations, but whatever amount your feel comfortable with is greatly appreciated. The important thing is that you donate something. It is a tangible way of speaking up for our animals and our planet. You may not be able to be hands on in support, but by donating it allows our all volunteer staff to continue serving our mutual interests in our planet and the diversity of life it supports. Being an all volunteer charity, your donations go directly toward service, not salaries. Every single donation makes a difference; sadly every good intention forgotten to be carried out also makes a difference.

We are happy to admit animals based on available space. We typically receive over 10,000 requests per year, and though our hearts would like to receive every animal needing care, our space and resources are limited.

The cost of quality care for animals throughout their natural lives is high, and we are dependent on donations for funding. Being a non-profit charity, we receive no state or federal funding for the services we offer. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and are vital for our ability to continue taking in additional animals.

We often experience the happiness of sighting babies we have released, full grown and foraging with their babies during spring. This joy is validation that they have been successfully reintroduced to the wild, and that the effort of wildlife rehabilitation has a positive effect on the individual lives of animals and on the environment.

All adopted pets are kept in a natural home setting, not placed in kennels or cages. Our first priority must be the animals we already have in our care. That will assure you that if your animal is admitted to Clearwater, it too will live a loving, comfortable life. It is through your donations that we are able to care for animals. The more you donate, the more animals we are able to serve.

According to Forbes Magazine interview withGail Buchwald , Sr. V.P. at ASPCA,
A dog averages 1,500.00 a year,with vet expenses often doubling the annual cost.
A pet bird averages $9,850.00 over a 10 year lifetime
A pet cold-blooded animal averages $9000.00 over a 20 year lifetime
A pet cat averages $3,000.00 per year including veterinary fees, according to Petfinder.
A wild animal rehabilitation averages 3 months, at an average cost of $2,100.00.

If you care, but are unable to adopt, please help us care for the animals through your generous donation. Our wildlife rehabilitation, adoption and education services operate through the generosity of informed, kind-hearted donors like yourself. By donating the cost of just one personal entertainment item a month, you can make a meaningful difference to our planet and the diversity of life it supports.


P.O. Box 2334 Covington, La. 70434


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